This Pup Plays With His Toy For The Very First Time It...

This Pup Plays With His Toy For The Very First Time It Will Make You Smile!


Retrievers love to play and this pups first encounter with a toy is a joy.

Do you love golden retriever pups? If so, then you have to check out this adorable little video!

A pup’s first toy can have a lot of meaning to him, and some fur balls manage to keep theirs for years before they need to be replaced. I wonder how it’ll go for this pup! This fur ball’s first toy is an oddly-shaped one, but he loves it all the same! He just loves to lie on the grass and chew on it all day long.

He’s got quite a strong attachment to his toy, and he’ll play with it for hours on end without tiring. Isn’t he a little cutie? I bet he’ll be cuddling with this toy for many months to come – if he doesn’t accidentally tear it up in one of his fiercer playtimes, that is! Don’t forget to like and share this cute little video, especially if you enjoyed it!

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Feature Image Source: Angela Edwards

All pups are adorable but there is something about retrievers that are just super special.

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