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Sailors rescue Labrador retriever dog-paddling off Italian coast
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A team of sailors spotted something strange approaching their yacht off the Italian coast — not a fish, but a Labrador retriever. Video captured the puppy, Noodles, slowly paddling toward the sailors before they pulled it onto their yacht. They say

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The most affectionate pet animal in which humans take more care of it is the dog and there are many breeds of dogs available in large numbers for human to become the perfect addition in the family. To such kind of four-legged companion the owners should have a better understanding and communication and if that communication lacks between them the training is essential to the dog to shape it. Even though the dog is so intelligent and obeying their owner’s commands, it has some bad habits and behavior like digging the ground unnecessarily, barking cruelly and so the dog training is greatly encouraged to make them obedient.

The dog training differs in many ways depending up on the type of dog and its age. The Labrador retriever training is started to the pet as soon as it started to grow after its birth and so it can get the definite shape. The pet which is under the shelter of his mom for about two months is separated

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