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Sailors rescue Labrador retriever dog-paddling off Italian coast
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A team of sailors spotted something strange approaching their yacht off the Italian coast — not a fish, but a Labrador retriever. Video captured the puppy, Noodles, slowly paddling toward the sailors before they pulled it onto their yacht. They say
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Breed Description

A dog that exudes kind expression and continuously waggling tail, the Golden Retriever is known to be the most glamorous of all the retrievers. This hunting companion is large, that weighs between 65-75 pounds for males, and 55-65 pounds for males, measuring 20-24 inches tall at the shoulders.  


The Golden Retriever is a double-coated breed that is weather resistant, and water repellent. They have a resilient, firm topcoat, and dense, soft to touch inner coat. Their coats are lustrous, rich, and may vary in hues of cream to gold.


The Golden Retriever is a highly active breed and daily activities are vital for this pet’s daily care. They should be given enough time and space where they can be able to play freely. As retrievers, they should be allowed to retrieve balls, or Frisbees, with equal opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs. Swimming, jogging, biking, or hiking are some

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