Dog Health News™Puppy care opens up your heart and makes your new dog ownership responsibilities seem like a gift of love to your dog which transfers over to how you care for your entire family because you become totally committed to doing everything in your power to keep your dog happy, safe and loved no matter how many times you need to check on your puppy when it’s in his crate, take your puppy out for a piddle or make sure your puppy has enough toys to play with before you check on your own needs.

This news brief gives you 9 ways your dog inspires you to think more about others and be kinder to your friends and family.

Puppy Care: 9 Ways Your Dog Teaches Compassion and Empathy

  1. Face – It’s hard not to smile when you look at your puppy’s face.  Your puppy shows you the innocence of childhood in his eyes and has an expression of eagerness to explore the world as if every day is the first day of your puppy’s life.  This feeling makes you think about how you can help your pup have a better life and strengthens your empathy for animals and humans.
  2. Paws – At first, your puppy may have trouble with balance and you have to laugh at the number of times your puppy falls down, rolls over or can’t get where he wants to go because his legs are too short.  Puppy care teaches you to be resilient and keep on trying even when you fail or fall down.
  3. Play – Your puppy will make you smile because he loves to play with anything in his environment including your shoes, towels and socks.  Humor is the best medicine and your puppy has a natural way of making you laugh which reduces stress and allows you to be more relaxed.
  4. Puppy Games - Dog Health News™Fur – Without a word, you find yourself smiling when you pick up your puppy because his fur is so soft.  Patting your dog is a natural stress reliever and teaches you to be gentle with puppies and people who are fragile.
  5. Stairs – One of the first challenges for your puppy may be learning to walk up and down stairs.  Puppy care involves the whole family when you all help your puppy on stairs or slippery floors.  Watching out for the safety of your puppy causes you to be more empathetic to the needs of others.
  6. Sleep – The look on your puppy’s face when his eyes are closed always makes you smile because you want to make sure your puppy is protected and safe wherever he is in your home.  Compassion for animals and humans is taught by repeated acts of kindness.  Watching your puppy while he sleeps may encourage you to be more patient, listen more and be more empathetic.
  7. Toys – There is nothing that makes you smile more than seeing your puppy playing with toys that end up under your sofa, hard to reach or buried in your back yard.  Funny how puppy care and housekeeping can work together so you learn how to be more compassionate about cleaning up after others who may not know how to put their things away like your puppy. 
  8. Licks – Your puppy knows how to get your attention with licks on your face, toes and hands.  You can copy your dog’s affectionate behavior and consider holding someone’s hand or giving more hugs.  Puppies and humans all need love and connection.
  9. Company – You’re never alone when you have your puppy to care for, feed and love. Without words, your puppy tells you what he needs and thanks you every day for your love, compassion and companionship.

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This news brief about puppy care gives you 9 ways your puppy helps you to be more compassionate and empathetic so you can take better care of your dog and everyone in the world.

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