Laband Golden Retrievers

Pup does all sorts of tricks at the antisipation of food.

There are few things that a pup wouldn’t do for a treat!

Backbone the labrador pup will perform all sorts of tricks for just a taste of something yummy – the only problem is, he gets so excited about it that he performs his tricks in a far too fast manner! The treat being offered are pieces of whole wheat bread, which apparently is what this fur ball is all about!

He tries his best to follow all the little commands that he’s given, which include playing dead, lying down, and giving high fives, but he’s far too excited to execute them properly. He gets up the second he thinks about lying down, and soon he’s so puzzled that all he’s doing is repeatedly giving high fives.

What a silly pup! This pup tries so hard to impress! He deserves all the treats he’s receiving, don’t you think? Do like and share!

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Feature Image Source: Pum Bk

Labs are known for their obession for food but Blackbone expresses it best.