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MYSTERY: Ontario man crushed at finding golden retriever dead in his car
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Toby Hill because until July 12 one of the most gentle and friendly dogs in the village lived with Chris Usher-Jones in the area. Toby was a golden retriever who loved spending day and night on the lawn, greeting whomever drifted along. "He was a great

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How to Stop Golden Retriever Biting

For most dog lovers a retriever that has a biting problem is  a no  no.This has the effect of being a burden and making a whole host of problems for the owner.Like most dog owners, don’t make the error of ignoring teething from a puppy as it might lead to excessive biting in the future. Have your dog undergo obedience training to curb the biting problem and not have to deal with it in the future.

The best time to prevent golden retriever biting behavior is when the dog is still a puppy. Puppy golden retrievers that haven’t developed hormones are more attentful and do not wonder off when you are trying to tell them something.

Yes some dogs bite just as play but if this becomes more excessive you must notice this and realize that this might becomes a big problem.Dogs have territorial tendencies by nature and they assert this dominance through barking and biting so be careful as if your puppy feels like it is in control it will become a problem in the house and will rarely if at all follow your instructions.For successful obedience training have a good rapport with your dog and bond with it in infancy, with this any biting problems that crop up you can easily take care of.Try your best to reprimand your puppy without having any negative impact on its attitude towards you in the future.

It has been shown that most methods that have worked for resolving biting problems employ the treatment that dogs would receive from their mothers in a litter.Things like replacement therapy or some whining when you are bitten can help your dog understand that biting is not acceptable behavior. If you have had no success in the past with self help methods then you might want to have some help from professionals.

Some nipping and biting is usually not a bad thing but you  have to be careful that things do not go out of hand.War games with your dog and any such rough fighting games are not encouraged. Dominance centered games have a negative effect on your dog and can enhance aggressive behavior.

In order to treat golden retriever biting you need to begin dealing with the problem accordingly asap. Dealing with adult dogs can be difficult but is obviously not impossible. Make sure you use the correct methods in your training for optimal success.

Getting the assistance  of an expert trainer or using recommended classes is normally the best way to go and these methods have been proven to be very successful in the past. The thing you have to realize is that a dog with a biting problem is a danger both to you and to your family
When stopping golden retriever biting there should be an emphasis on beginning early. Good Luck and all the best in stopping golden retriever biting.

For more on the best ways to stop Golden Retriever Biting visit Jeremy Johnson’s site on Golden Retriever Training