Columbus Division of fire’s Marley is retiring!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–After years of service, a Columbus Division of Fire employee is set to retire.

Marley, an 11-year-old , has been with handler Rick Harding for the past nine years. Marley “talks” a lot, but the fire department has him on staff for another reason–his nose.

“People out there are always trying to duplicate Marley,” Harding said. “A dogs nose…its not possible.

“An amazing system that’s in that little head there.”

The dog works to sniff out explosives everywhere from presidential visits to bomb scares at schools.

“His whole body changes…tail starts wagging because he knows if he finds that, he gets his treat,” Harding said.

It’s become a partnership based on trust and friendship. But Marley isn’t quite as young as he used to be. His last day officially on the job is Friday.

“It hasn’t set in yet,” Harding said. “I’m sure over the weekend, as I think about it, I will be a little sad.”

Marley wouldn’t trade this job for the world. And, to think of where he could have ended up! The department rescued him years ago from the Franklin County Dog Shelter.

“Some dogs, that’s their niche,” Harding said. He’s a working dog, and he loves it.

“Maybe that’s why he loves the job so much…he knew he was in the pound and now, he’s a working dog.”

On Friday at 10 a.m., there will be a ceremony honoring Marley and all the work he’s done. Rick will get a new dog, Maverick, in February.

A Rescue finds his “True Calling” or Niche as a respected explosive sniffer. He enjoys his job and loves being with trainer, Rick.