So you are wanting and needing to get away, What about the Pets?  Your Lab and/or Golden can not go, or the cats, and what else there maybe, so we need to find a solution.  The Vet is a good solution but not always affordable, so what about a sitter? This could be a great alternative to let you escape.

how to find a pet sitter
We need care and love while your away

Do you need to hire a pet sitter? Perhaps you are thinking about taking a trip, or maybe you have already planned your next vacation. What about your dog – have you made arrangements for him?  If you prefer the peace of mind from knowing that a trained professional is caring for your dog in your home, then you might want to hire a pet sitter. Pet sitters provide customized care for your dog, working to create as little stress as possible for you and your dog. Many pet sitters rely on word-of-mouth for new business. If you are looking for a pet sitter, ask other pet owners if they have recommendations. Talk to your vet’s office and you might find that one of the staff members does pet sitting on the side. If you prefer to hire a professional pet sitter from a nationally recognized company, you can search online at National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International for pet sitters in your area. Be sure to check references for potential pet sitters before you choose one. One alternative to finding a professional pet sitter is to find a group in your area that helps you connect with like-minded pet owners in your area who can watch your pets while you travel. In turn, you care for their pets when they are away. Plus, these groups usually have free membership. Search online or ask local pet professionals if they know of a group like this in your area. Once you have found some pet sitter candidates, discuss fees and policies in detail. Be clear about what you want, and then get an estimate of cost. Most pet sitters charge a base fee to come to your house, then a specific fee per pet. Additional costs may apply depending on the number of visits per day and special duties such as administering medications. Compare the prices of multiple pet sitters in your area to be sure you are being charged appropriately. Typical fees can be anywhere from $10 – 50 daily per depending on the situation. Most pet sitters understand that you may worry about your dog while you are away, so they understand that you might want to check in. A brief call once or twice while you are gone is perfectly reasonable. The rest of your trip will be more enjoyable if you know your dog is doing well. You can let loose and have a great vacation! When you get back, your beloved companion will be waiting and wagging. Once you find the right pet sitter, you can rest assured your dog will be in good hands. Have the pet sitter come to your home in advance so you can explain where things are. Give your pet sitter clear, concise instructions and be sure to provide a list of the contact numbers. read more at

Solving this issue now will expand your options the next time you want to plan a escape or just short time away.