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Golden Retriever who had only 10 percent chance of living can&;t contain her
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Lily the Golden Retriever, who lives in Oahu, Hawaii, had had a six pound tumor removed from her spleen and her odds were not favorable at all – Lily&39;s doctor told her that she had a Hemangiosarcoma, and had only a 10 percent change of it not being …
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goldenretriever – Google News Are you looking for some golden retriever information? Are you considering adopting a golden retriever as your next pet? If so, then it’s good to have some facts under your belt before you go shopping. You will want to know the different characteristics of the dog, the personality traits, and what the dog expected you. Yes that’s right, it’s good to remember that dogs have needs and they are not there simply to serve us.

If you want your dog to have a good long and happy life, and I’m sure you do, then it’s important to understand what the breed requires. So with that in mind, let’s talk about the Golden retriever. Now I’m assuming that you come to the conclusion to adopt this dog because you’ve heard good things about them. It’s hard to deny, that they are a super dog. They have a pleasant personality, like to please humans, they are easy-going especially with children, and are all around just generally a pleasant canine.

But if you’re considering one as a pet, its important to look at the entire picture and not just what you’ve heard. All of these things are certainly true, but there’s more to it than just that. First a little history.

The Golden retriever breed hails from the Scottish Highlands of the 1800s. They were bred as a gun dog and a hunting dog. They’re designed to run, to swim, to traverse lakes and streams, and generally just be outdoors dog. They were also bred to be a retriever. By this I mean that they will want to hold things in their mouth and bring them back to their master. Again, considering their hunting heritage this makes sense.

So this original breeding brings with it a host of challenges for a dog that was originally bred to run through the underbrush and across the Highlands when it is then attempting to live in modern suburbia. As you can imagine, a dog was bred to run needs a great deal of exercise. That instinct is very much alive and well in the dog and it needs to be dealt with. So if you’re an active person, or have family members that are very active, then this will suit your lifestyle just fine. However if this is not the case then this is not the dog for you.

Another aspect of the original breeding was the need to please humans. Now this may not seem like anything but a positive trait. And basically it’s not. What it also means is that this dog loves to be around people. And it’s really not a dog that can be left alone. At least not for long stretches. This is not an apartment dog.

You remember the business of being a retriever that I mentioned? That means the dog likes to hold things in its mouth. And while that heritage was designed largely for waterfowl, if there are no waterfowl present, and I assume theirs none in your home, the dog will need something else to chew. So be prepared to provide lots of chew toys for this dog. Otherwise, your shoes, your socks and your furniture will be targets.

However, the upside of this, is that they love to play fetch with a Frisbee or tennis ball. So again, if you’re an outdoors person this is great.

This dog was also bred to be endearing and trusting. And they accomplish this very well. The downside of this course is that they are not a good watchdog. They will welcome anyone into your home.

As with all breeds, the Golden retriever does have its share of health problems as well. These can include things like hip dysplasia cataracts and allergies. A responsible breeder will do his best to screen as breeding stock for these diseases.

Generally speaking the Golden retriever is a trusting obedient and fantastic dog. They make a great companion, a great family dog, and the great outdoors dog.

John Banning is a Golden Retriever Expert. For more information on Golden Retriever Information
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