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Golden Retriever who had a Hemangiosarcoma told she&;s cancer free
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Lily the Golden Retriever, who lives in Oahu, Hawaii, had had a six pound tumor removed from her spleen and her odds were not favorable at all – Lily&39;s doctor told her that she had a Hemangiosarcoma, and had only a 10 percent change of it not being …
Dog with 10 percent chance of survival has incredible reaction to cancer test
Dog reacts to incredible news she doesn&39;t have cancerMetro

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goldenretriever – Google News If you happen to own a golden retriever then you should definitely know how important it is to keep your dog well groomed all the time. In general the coat of the retriever gets the most attention because they have the most beautiful coats. But a responsible owner of a golden must know for a fact that it is not just the coat of the golden which needs grooming. The nails and the feet of these dogs needs equal attention too.

However, taking care of this dogs feet can be quite tough at first. In general, all dogs hate it when their feet are touched. It will be normal for them to withhold there paws. However, you will need extra patience if you want to be successful with this task. You should not tighten your grip; instead give your dog time to relax. The more you tighten your grip, the more they will pull their feet a way from you. But there is a technique to overcome this so that you will be able to perform good grooming. Get your golden retriever puppy used to foot grooming. Hold your puppys feet gently as much as possible. When your puppy is not used to have his feet handled often, it is natural for him to feel nervous when all of a sudden someone is grabbing his feet and not to mention holding a pair of scissors on the other hand. You can help your puppy get used to being touched in the feet by simply running a soft stroke on his feet every time you sit down with your pup. Give them a gentle feet massage. In the long run, he will get used tot his and will not mind at all of you will hold his feet for grooming purposes.

The foot of the retriever tends to grow long hair, which is why it needs to be trimmed regularly. If the hair on his fit is not trimmed regularly, it can get under his foot pad and this can be very dangerous especially if he is trying to stop in a slippery surface. Another reason for trimming your dogs foot hair is because untrimmed hair can be the best collection site for all those nasty little stuffs like seeds, small stones and other objects that can hurt your golden and could give him soared feet.

Another delicate part in the goldens body that needs regular grooming is the nails. Untrimmed over grown nails can cause severe problems of the foot. The long nails will distort the shape of the toe and eventually will destroy the foot. Thus to prevent this, regular trimming of the nails is required. To start trimming, you may need to bring you pup to a professional groomer the first few trimmings, and eventually, once youve learned the proper technique, then you can do the trimming all by yourself. Starting with a relaxing foot massage will help relax your golden and therefore will make grooming more easily.

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