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Dog Health News™Family dogs thrive on the hustle and bustle that fills your home so they aren’t bothered by loud music, constant movement and lack of attention because the dog breeds that do best in a household of people and pets usually have a personality that allows them to let everything roll off their back, reduces your stress and lets you enjoy your time with the whole family.

This news brief gives you a list of family dog breeds you can choose from if you already have a household filled with humans and pets.

Family Dogs: 10 Friendly Breeds That Love a Big Household

  1. Beagle – This breed that originates from England may not be great as an apartment dog, however your Beagle is great with kids, is very healthy and will do anything for a treat.  You may need to give your beagle extra baths and put up with barks and howls but your beagle works out great as a family dog.
  2. IMG_1827Bernese Mountain Dog – An easygoing breed that comes from Switzerland, your Bernese Mountain Dog matches strength with a gentle, calm and loyal behavior that makes this dog a perfect find for your family including strangers and other pets.
  3. Boxer – The playful, curious and energized character of the Boxer is one of the best choice for family dogs.  The Boxer originates from Germany, was bred to be a guardian, is good with household pets and easy to train.
  4. Collie –  This beautiful, gentle and intelligent dog hails from Scotland where it was bred for sheep herding.  As a family dog, your Collie is mostly mild-mannered although you may see a stubborn streak and extra barking if you don’t give your Collie enough attention and exercise.
  5. Golden Retriever – An English dog that wins you over with a smile, your Golden Retriever is high on the list of the best family dogs.  One unique trait of your Golden Retriever is the soft mouth that allows your dog to be extremely gentle.  This breed is easy to please, enthusiastic and obedient.  Golden Retrievers love to have a good run, carry toys and balls in their mouth and they usually don’t bark as much as other dog breeds.
  6. Great Dane –  This stately dog comes from Germany and was bred to be a hunter.  Today, your Great Dane is a great companion and has won a place in the top 10 of family dogs.  This breed needs to have lots of space for exercise, loves to be with other pets and is good with children.  On the down side, your Great Dane has a short life span and is prone to health issues like bloat.
  7. Labrador Retriever – From Canada, your Labrador Retriever was bred to retrieve water fowl and fish and has webbed paws along with an otter like tail.  You can be sure that your Labrador will be a great family dog because of it’s gentle nature, soft mouth and is eager to please.  One health issue is hip dysplasia but has a very long life span.
  8. Newfoundland – Another calm and gentle breed that comes from Canada is the Newfoundland.  This breed is on the list of family dogs because your Newfoundland loves to be around people and is very protective.  A lover of water, the Newfoundland is an all-purpose water dog with full webbed paws like a duck.
  9. Poodle – Apart from the fact that poodles tend to bark a lot, the Poodle, that originates from Germany, is one of the most popular family dogs.  This breed is easy to care for and is good with children, pets and strangers.  Poodles have low dander, don’t shed and are a playful, eager to please and intelligent dog.
  10. Pug – From China, this playful breed was bred as a lap dog.  This means that your Pug is the perfect companion and belongs on Dog Health News™the list of family dogs.  Health issues abound related to your Pug’s eyes, nose and wrinkles so keep your dog’s face and body as clean as you can.  Your Pug is a great source of entertainment for the whole family even though your Pug may be a bit stubborn.

You now have a list of 10 ideal dog breeds that are good for your busy household so you’ll have an easier time when you look for a dog that is safe with children and other pets.  You may also want to look at dog health insurance when you add your dog to your family.

Share this article with your friends and family so they will be informed about the best family dogs that work in a household with children and additional pets.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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