Dog Health News™Dog poop bags provide you with an easy sanitary way to pick up after your dog however you’d be surprised how many dog owners avoid this task and make excuses for their behavior when they claim that dog poop is good for the environment and even worse the dog waste piles up in places like parks or trails and poses health risks to humans as well as potential contamination of our water supply.

This news brief gives you tips on how to dispose of your dog’s waste and reasons why you need to be a responsible dog owner with regard to dog poop.

Dog Poop Bags: 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Supply Handy

  1. Pocket – You can easily keep about 6 bags to collect your dog’s poop in your jacket or pant pocket.
  2. Leash – You can attach a small container for poop bags on your dog’s leash and make sure you keep the supply full.
  3. Fanny pack – You can wear a fanny pack filled with bags to pick up your dog’s poop.
  4. Dog Health News™Basket – You can keep a stash of doggie poop bags by your door and grab a few every time you take your dog outdoors.
  5. Car – You can keep a small bag of poop bags in your car so you are always prepared on the road with your dog.

3 Ways to Dispose of Your Dog Poop Bags

  1. Trash can – Collect your dog’s waste in a degradable or compostable bag and make sure you tie a tight knot so the waste doesn’t spill out.  Deposit your dog’s waste in a trash can nearby.
  2. Toilet – Use a water soluble bag if you intend to flush your dog’s poop in your toilet.  This method is best for small dog’s waste.  You can also flush your dog’s poop without the bag and then dispose of the bag in your trash.
  3. Compost – Use a compostable bag when you choose to put your dog’s waste bags in your compost.

Dog Poop Complaints

• Street poop – There seems to be an increase of poop left in the street by dog owners who don’t pick up after their dog.  Some cities and towns have begun to fine dog owners if they don’t carry dog poop bags.

• Yard and park poop – The issues are not only the smell and mess, but potential health risks for children and adults who walk and play in these spots.  Some of the parasites in dog poop are roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm and coccidia.

Dog Health News™• Private property poop – There are plenty of signs to warn dogs and owners not to poop on private property with moderate success. 

Now that you’ve taken the time to read this news brief you know how to dispose of your dog’s poop and why it’s important for your environment.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have the information they need to know about dog poop bags, how to properly clean up after their dog and how to dispose of their dog’s waste.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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