Springer PuppiesA dog heat cycle also called Estrus occurs when your dog is between 6 months and 2 years old which is why your vet often suggests that you have your dog spayed early so you can make a humane decision whether to allow your dog to mate which may result in health risks for your dog and additional responsibilities for you as a dog owner based on the number of homeless dogs who are unfortunately euthanized each year.

This news brief gives you health facts for your female dog so you understand the risks for your dog in heat.

Dog Heat Cycle: 5 Health Facts

  1. Annual estrus cycle – Your unspayed dog usually goes through 2 heat cycles, one every 6 months.
  2. Heat period – Male dogs are attracted to your dog in heat for about 18 days.  Your female dog in heat is only receptive to males for about 9 days. 
  3. Behavior during heat – Your female dog may become nervous and urinate more than usual due to her change of hormones.  Watch for sexual advances by your dog with other dogs.
  4. Dog Health News™Discharge – Your dog in heat has a vaginal discharge with a bloody quality and your dog’s vulva will be swollen during her dog heat cycle.  Your dog’s discharge decreases and turns a yellow color when she’s receptive to males.
  5. Safety – Your dog’s needs during her heat cycle are quite urgent and hard to control so your dog may run away to find a mate.  This means that you may need to take extra care to keep your dog safe in and around your home.  Always use a leash when your dog is in heat.

Pregnancy Risks for Your Dog

• Your dog may have a difficult time giving birth when there are several puppies in her womb.

• Statistics have shown that unspayed female dogs are at risk for mammary gland tumors.

• Your dog may have a shortened life span because of the physical challenges of raising her litter.

Dog Owner Responsibility During Dog Heat Cycle

• Patience – Your dog in heat can attract male dogs within 5 miles.  The best strategy is to keep your dog protected at home and when you are on walks.

• Supplies –  You can use products like Depends when your dog is in heat to protect your dog and your home.  Much thanks to a friend of Dog Health News™Dog Health News for letting us know how she cares for her dog Morning Glory when she’s in heat.

• Breeding – You can test your dog for health and disease if you decide to breed your dog so you are not in danger of passing on any genetic dog diseases.

Note:  You can get your dog spayed as early as 3 months.  Check with your vet for further information related to your dog heat cycle so you can make well educated decisions about your dog’s welfare related to breeding.

You’ve just read about health facts and risks that will help you to take better care of your dog when she goes through her heat cycle. 

Share this article with your friends and family so they have information to make educated decisions about their dog.  You can always depend of the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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