Dog Health NewsDog health strategies could be turned upside down if your dog is either curious or likes to sniff out food in your home so the first place you need to start is to identify what harmful items like plastic bottle caps, twist ties or spoiled food you casually toss in your waste baskets before your dog gets hurt or even worse, your dog may need emergency surgery to safely remove an object your dog ate because you threw it away.

This news brief gives you 10 dangerous household items that you need to keep out of your dog’s reach before you put your dog in harm’s way.

Dog Health: 10 Dangerous Items to Keep Away From Your Dog

  1. Razor blades – It’s very easy to toss used razor blades in your bathroom waste basket and not think anything about it.  Even if you wrap the blades in tissue, your dog could sniff out the object and start to play with it.  Check for lacerations in your dog’s mouth and give your dog plenty of white bread in case the blade was swallowed.  Bring your dog to your local emergency animal hospital immediately.
  2. Cotton swabs – These small objects may look like sticks to your dog however they can cause major dog health injuries to your dog’s mouth, are easy to chew and could cause your dog to choke.  If you can’t flush an item like a cotton swab down your toilet, it’s a good clue that it’s not safe around your dog or children.
  3. Bottles of pills – You can’t say enough about the importance of keeping pills out of the reach of your dog.  The bottle looks and feels like a small toy and the sound of the pills inside tempts your dog to figure out how to get the container open and see or eat what’s making all that noise.
  4. Personal hygiene products – Items like tampons, wipes and condoms can cause dog health issues and may even be more of a problem because they have your scent  and attract your dog to your waste basket.  There are covered containers that you can use to prevent your dog from getting in trouble and keep your personal items out of reach.
  5. Twist ties – Sometimes these small pieces of plastic fall on your floor and don’t even make it to your basket so your dog is at risk when he finds a twist tie that your dog can swallow or choke on.
  6. Bottle caps – If you put your plastics in a recycle container, make sure that your dog can’t get access to it because many of the objects will look like toys to your dog’s eyes and can cause dog health problems.  Your dog loves to put things in his mouth and these small objects can easily be a threat to your dog’s health.
  7. Rubber bands – Another household item that gets thrown in baskets or dropped on the floor that’s dangerous for your dog.  Along with magnets, paper clips and push pins, these items need to be disposed of carefully when you have dogs in your home or workplace.
  8. Dental floss – You probably use dental floss twice a day and think you’ve tossed it into the bathroom waste basket however these waxy strings have a habit of finding their way to the floor.  Your dog could easily end up with a long piece of dental floss in his mouth that could cause dog health issues by swallowing or choking.
  9. Paper – This category includes crumpled up paper, paper plates, post it notes and anything else that get’s scrunched up and tossed in your basket.  These items are a temptation for your dog to play with and can be easily swallowed by mistake.
  10. Chewing gum – This item usually gets wrapped up in a piece of paper and may attract your dog because of the fruity or minty Dog Health News™aroma.  Not only is the Xylitol in sugar-free gum highly toxic to your dog, the sticky substance can cause your dog to choke or gag and result in serious dog health intestinal problems if your dog swallows your chewed or wrapped chewing gum product.

Note:  If you suspect that your dog has swallowed any of the above products you should immediately bring your dog to your local emergency animal hospital.  You may also want to look into dog health insurance as an option for your dog’s unexpected injuries or illnesses over his lifetime.

This news bulletin gives you 10 dangerous items you should keep away from your dog so you can keep your dog from accidental injuries that could be extremely harmful to your dog’s life.  Statistics show that these type of accidents happen to 1 in 3 dogs under the age of 3 years.

Share this article with your friends and family so they are reminded to be careful about what they casually throw in their trash that may be dangerous to their dog’s health.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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