Dog Health News™ - HalloweenDog Halloween costumes or any opportunity to dress up your dog can be entertaining for your whole family however there are potential health dangers to your dog if you choose the wrong outfit that could drive your dog mad and even worse, your dog might hurt herself by trying to tear off the costume and you may end up with an unplanned visit to your vet.

This news brief gives you health warnings about dog costumes for holidays like Halloween so you can take better care of your dog.

Dog Halloween Costumes: 5 Dangers When You Dress Up Your Dog

  1. Fabric – Your dog could have an allergic reaction to the material in a Halloween costume.  The signs to watch for are when your dog scratches or itches at her costume or you see a red rash.  One cause might be the fabric itself or the costume could have been washed with detergent and fabric softeners that your dog is allergic to.
  2. Dog in costumeObjects on dog costumes – Your dog may not be happy about wearing a costume and she might chew at things like pom poms, strings, bells, feathers and wires.  If your dog accidentally swallows any parts of her dog Halloween costumes, you may end up in your local emergency animal hospital because your dog might require surgery to remove the foreign object.
  3. Costume fit – Your dog does not like to have extra clothing that feels tight or pinches your dog’s skin, face, tail, stomach, legs or neck.  Make sure that your dog’s costume fits loosely so your dog is not prone to a rash, irritation or swelling.  Your dog could become aggressive and chew at the costume to try and remove it.
  4. Watchful eye – Your dog should not be left alone when she’s wearing a costume of any kind.  Risks range from your dog getting her dog Halloween costumes tangled on a fence or Dog in Costumefurniture which could lead to an injury or life threatening situation like strangulation.  Additional dangers to your dog are chocolate, alcohol and treats that strangers or family members give your dog at parties and on holidays.
  5. Noise – Your dog may become anxious with all the noise and celebration that comes with holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Tips on Holiday Clothing for Your Dog

• Keep it simple – Your dog will have a great holiday without the embellishments of foreign objects that feel uncomfortable on your dog’s body. 

• Keep your dog on a leash – The best strategy to use with dog Halloween costumes is to never leave your dog alone when your dog is Dog Costumedressed up and to keep your dog on a leash.  After the fun and photos, take off your dog’s outfit and let her relax and be safe.

• Keep your dog’s breed in mind – Let your dog enjoy the holidays without a costume if your dog is hyperactive or has any health issues like allergies.  You can add a leash with a holiday design or tie a colorful bandana around your dog’s neck to add fun for the holidays.

Note: Your dog will be safer if you keep her dog Halloween costumes on for a short time and remove it after you’ve taken photos or gone for a walk to show off your dog’s outfit. 

This news brief gives you the dangers of costumes for your dog and tips to keep your dog safe so you don’t take any chances with holiday decorations.  You also want to take precautions around holiday treats like chocolate which is toxic for your dog.

Dog in costumeShare this article with your friends and family so they are informed about the potential dangers for their dog if they decide to dress their dog up for holiday fun.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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