This Labrador Retriever puppy, named Lord, is playing a game of “guess which hand” with his owner. The owner has a treat in one hand, and offering them both, has Lord guess which one contains the treat. Will he guess the right one? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Way to go, Lord! That’s a pretty smart pup. He had a little trouble during one round of the game…but he’s just an adorable puppy who’s learning, can we blame him?

Playing training games like this is great for developing your puppy’s cognitive skills, mentally stimulating him, and curtailing destructive behaviors. After all, puppies are naturally curious and eager to learn. You can start with the basics and then work on tricks and games like Lord and his owner (even adult dogs can benefit from, and will love, games like this too!).

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Those are so pretty smart dogs! And our favorite part of the video…the excited wagging-Lab tails. Any Lab owner can probably relate.  Read More@