Agility trial held at National Fairgrounds for Atlanta Golden Retriever Club
It&;s all part of the Atlanta Golden Retriever Club&39;s agility trial. But it wasn&39;t just for goldens, dogs big and small got in on the action. Handlers lead their four-legged partners through jumps, weave poles and a tunnel. The dogs race against the and more »

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Golden retrievers originated in England in the early 1800’s as a hunting companion. This dog breed was originally used for retrieving, assistance, and obedience competitions. These very well natured dogs are obedient, easy to train, eager to learn and please, and make excellent family companions. Golden retrievers are quite playful and enjoy the outdoors. Golden retrievers make excellent companions for those who have families, enjoy sports, hunting, the outdoors, and even for those who require an assistance dog.

On average, male Golden Retriever’s weight between sixty to eighty pounds while female’s weight fifty five to seventy pounds. Male Golden Retrievers are about twenty two to twenty four inches in height while females tend to be about twenty to twenty two inches in height. The average life expectancy of the Golden Retriever dog breed is eleven to twelve years of age. This dog breed has smooth, medium length hair and it quite easy to groom. They do tend to shed so it is important to groom their double coat and brush several times per week. They are considered to be an average shedder and only bathe then when necessary.

Some common health concerns of the Golden Retriever dog breed are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, mast cell tumors, skin conditions, and progressive retinal atrophy, also known as PRA. Hip dysplasia is the most common health concern of this breed and looking into a dog insurance policy for your dog earlier on it its life before this condition appears is recommended. Hip dysplasia occurs commonly in this breed when the ball and socket of the hip joint do not fit properly, causing pain, and lameness, arthritis, and mobility problems. Surgery is a treatment option but usually requires quite a bit of recovery time and several hundred dollars in surgery and veterinarian costs. Elbow dysplasia is quite similar to hip dysplasia, except that it occurs on the elbow joint rather than the hip joint. Other common health conditions in the Golden Retriever dog breed are tumors and skin conditions. Although any dog breed can develop tumors, this dog breed is more commonly diagnosed than some others for mast cell tumors which cause issues in response to allergies and inflammation by releasing histamines.

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